There isn’t really one clear definition for online training and there are even more names for it: online learning, computer based training, eLearning, distance learning, self-paced learning, asynchronous training, and the list goes on… What we do agree on, is it happens online.

Corporate trainers help other professionals learn new skills or develop existing ones. Some work for companies, guiding new hires through the on boarding process or helping current employee’s gain additional training. Others might work as independent consultants for clients in a variety of industries. These trainers typically lead programs that focus on team-building, goal achievement, motivation or customer service.

For corporation training to be effective, training programs need to be fine tuned to the needs of the business. This generally implies that corporate online training programs should be developed for maximum use. Talk provides corporate online training solutions that include an intuitive user interface.

How Can Online Training Courses Help?

Online training courses are designed to guide people through information and coursework, or help trainees to better perform in specific tasks. Some of these courses may even be a workplace requirement by law. As well as presenting course material and content, online training gives students the opportunity for live interactions and real-time feedback for things like quizzes, tests and surveys. Interactions between instructors and students are also conducted via an online medium through chat or email.

Why should you use an online training system?

  • Save time and money on travel and venues for classroom-based training
  • Increase workforce productivity
  • Access a wider global audience
  • Manage and build on your current training material
  • Create dialog and discussion around training topics