TALK’s open enrollment programs for executives, business leaders, functional managers and other corporate personnel. These programs are offered by TALK’s OEP wing throughout the year on selected dates and are available to participants from different companies and organizations. For list of our training threads and calendar, write to us or visit our official Facebook page or website.

Customized programs, which are tailored for and offered to executives of a single company, represent the fastest growing segment of the market. Customized programs help organizations increase management capability by combining the science of business and performance management into specialized programs that enable executives to develop new knowledge, skills and attitudes. Knowledge

translates into the capability an organization applies to the products and services it brings to the marketplace. Research shows that a firm with a clearly articulated and understood business and capability strategy will have a higher market-to-book value than

Open enrollment programs also are available as part of university-based executive education offerings, which occur throughout the year on selected dates, and are available to participants from different companies and organizations. Shorter executive education programs tend to focus on specific roles or industries, or on improving specific leadership skills, such as persuasion, negotiation, team building or communication.

Our open enrollment hands-on classes are very similar to the traditional classroom learning experience. Anyone can register for an open enrollment hands-on class. Participants sit in a room where a highly skilled and experienced instructor conveys the key and professional leaning to enhance the day-to-day progress. Our training is taught by the expert and professionals in the business. This ensures you are not getting someone else’s interpretation of the course, but instead you are getting real world expert instruction and guidance.

Our training approach has been specifically designed to meet the need of working professionals based on a series of practical scenarios rather than the traditional lecture format. Our research has found that the most effective way to teach new skills is to put the learners in the kinds of projects where they can use those skills on a regular basis. Learners are given the tools necessary to implement change in their jobs immediately and in the future.