TALK-Beyond the Limits

TALK-Beyond the Limits is a division of HRS Total Solutions.We conduct Trainings, Conferences, Seminars and Events for Corporates and Youth both. Our affiliations and networks of industry leaders allow us to gain insight of present and upcoming trends in the corporate and business world. Our training sessions are well planned by our experts & trainers. We offer in-house customized training sessions as well as standard open enrollment programs.

TALK’s Trainers

TALK’s Trainers include professionals and experts from industry as well as from educational sector. They include experts from public and private sectors both and have exposed to local as well as international audiences. Our team is highly skilled, experienced business and career expert and determined to ensure that training participants accomplish the desired results and accelerate in their career goals as an individual or as a team. With a combination of local and multinational experience, Talk trainers include expert from variety of fields.

TALK’s Training Process:

Our training system is based on experience of several years cumulatively shared by our permanent team of trainers and experts. Our training process includes customized assessment of employees based on surveys and other expert research techniques including but not limited to use of SPSS. We then develop a customized training session for the organization based on the expert assessment report. Our trainers are well expert and accommodative to align their training course and presentations according to the focus area identified. We have a diversified list of trainers/experts on our panel as well as on our network and we recommend to the client the best possible trainer/expert after finalization of the training requirement or need.